Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Bowl of Rice Opening

What is a bowl of rice?

If one looks at a bowl of rice in monetary terms, we can say that it is worth almost nothing. During the preparation for the work, we’ve learnt that the cost of 100kg of rice is alarmingly equivalent to a mere 30 grams of gold (SGD 150). On the other hand, if one looks at bowl of rice from the other end of the spectrum, it could be a source of comfort for an entire family, depending of the way of cooking.

On Sunday (22 June), friends and families have selflessly lent their support to the opening of the exhibition, A Bowl of Rice. Wonderful individuals have contributed their valuable time and efforts to this work, and as we receive these positive vibes, the significance of a bowl of rice gradually unfolds.

During the opening, we had the pleasure of tasting various kinds of food and drinks made from rice. These wouldn’t have been possible if not for friends and families who have either turn on the stove or rung up the stores immediately when we asked for help.

Korean rice cake, Song Peung

We have to thank the Korean ladies, who arrived with rice cakes and sweet rice drinks despite being late for their church services; Yuko, Ichiro, Ally and Mark, who prepared a hundred pieces of Japanese Dango at the last hour; Dudley, who went to at least two houses to find a working oven; Vani, who has taught us that a kitchen with the right pulses represents a whole solar system in working; our families, whose unspoken love is deeply heartfelt.

Ellimechai Chatham (Lime Rice)

It doesn’t matter if rice is served in a bowl, on a leaf, mashed into flour, baked as pudding, or fermented as drinks. It is a bowl of rice which reminds and unites us as people whose dietary habits and cultures have long depended on the cultivation of padi fields.

Japanese Dango

Malay Kueh Kueh

From 500kg of rice, we have accumulated up to 800kg from the donation on Sunday alone. Apart from Zai’s family who has contributed almost half of the donations, we like to thank thoughtful individuals who brought in their small bags of contributions. It is the thought that counts, and from a bowl of rice that we consume almost everyday, let us always remember those who need our help.

People of all ages and from all walks of life visited the opening on Sunday. As the visitors found their way to interact with rice and raised questions about the work, we are once again reminded that rice, as unassuming as it may seem, is not only a staple food source but also a grain that can inspire our sense of wonder and marvel.

At the end of the day, we’ve learn that a simple bowl of rice has the power to bring people together. Old friendship has been reinvigorated, new friendship has been forged.

Possibly, rice not only provides nourishment for our souls, but also rejuvenates our love for living.

What does a bowl of rice means to you?

More photographs
Photo Credits: Vivian Lee

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

rice has a great aroma and' s fun to feel and smell raw rice

11:18 PM, September 11, 2009  

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