Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Why Noise?

To use noise for musical composition is not a new thing. Way before electronic music enter our psyche, noise through repetitive banging on metal, wood and skin has been one of the most important aspect of ritualistic music because it is where the soul find possibilities of trance. The punk, metal and those with thick distortion must acknowledge that the soul seeks to be elevated thus the mind needs to be defeated through chaos.

On another level in the time when sound can be produced by a fallen leaf, there is a dialogue with silence, what we call whispers; The soul is lonely and weary of its existence. To reaffirm its existence in a silent landscape, sounds are made but not necessarily music. If we observe the wolf that wails in the middle of the night, it simply wants to express its existence. A reaffirming sound is made, while everybody else is provoked.

When you hear something provocative, it is not necessary noise.

Why Noise?

Open-discussion with Shah Tahir and Zai Kuning
29th April Saturday 4pm, The Substation Gallery

oni at winfood - Conference of the Birds Closing Party
29th April Saturday 7pm, kopitiam opposite The Substation
DJ Kim Seng, Leslie Low, Yuen Chee Wai & DJ Mentor X'ho spins


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