Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Conference of the Birds

There are so many events happening in a single day that if you go for 1 you wil miss the other 9. So oni like to thank all who choose to come down for Conference of the Birds opening, we hope we didn't dissapoint you! Now for those who have plenty of reasons for not coming (got the wrong date, car accident, rehearsal, film festival, opening, lectures blah blah blah blah), here's a piece of graffiti in the gallery we like to present to you:

Before we go on a picture whoring, open this link for an excerpt of Dark Vertigo performed on the opening night by Tinniduos, Mindfucking Boy and The Escapist Theorist = Dark Vertigo


Mindfucking boy

The Escapist Theorist

If you like them, the trio will play again soon in May. I let you guys do your own work to find out. Anyway that night the whole armenian street seemed to be on fire with these guys, hammering the ears on the audience, workers, innocent passers-by and attracting both unwanted complains and chaos gratification. The madness went on for almost an hour and on a very unexpected note that one of the performer had to pee, the gig ended. We talk about spontaneity huh. Then DJ Kim Seng provided us whole night of chill-out music and it almost seemed like Substation was alive again.

Many people asked what was the exhibition all about. oni repeat: it is not an exhibition, it is a space where many different individuals come and see what each other are doing. So when you come to the gallery don't ask "Eh where is the art work??" because it is everywhere, and you can pick up a marker and contribute to what is there, like this:

So Conference of the Birds is about graffiti? No. It is only because the guest star in this conference is the punk community that you will get your chance to fuck those holy white walls in the gallery. No gods, no master, no rules, remember?

But it's not only about drawing freely on the walls. It's also about reading and you know, buying, buying, buying. The punk brought a beautiful array of zines for browsing if you want to brush up on your punk vocab and social activism awareness and wear something not as lame as "You are beautiful", come to the gallery, 4 more days.

X'ho tees for sale

Punk zines for sale and browsing

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