Thursday, April 20, 2006

Punk as fuck, fucked as you

What Punk ?

Kumjing Hla with graffiti in The Substation Gallery

Punk is often equated with chaos, perpetuated by decadence, wasted youth and other delinquents of society. It is the bane of society and is filled with social scumbags that are better off dead. It is useless, worthless and pointless. But that is what 'they' want you to believe. 'They' could be anyone from regular folks, religious zealots, capitalist scum, the media and MTV.

Reality check. Real hardcore punkrock is community based, stemming from social to artistic activism. It is a reaction to a withering world. It is and could be neither utopia nor doom. Contrary to popular opinion, punk is indeed productive and has served to be a life-saving outlet for many who don’t quite belong anywhere else.

silkscreen board featured in the gallery

Punk represents ideas as much as art imitates life.
So is it all about chaos and disorder? You decide.

local DIY punk community working in the gallery for Conference of the Birds

Punk Culture-What Punk ?
23rd April Sunday, The Substation Gallery

Silkscreen and woodblock printing

Open discussion with Shaiful (Prohibited Project) & Seelan( Moderated by Zai Kuning

As part of onistudio's feature event Conference of the Birds


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