Sunday, March 05, 2006

No Talking On Monday

O.k guys im back but still not very sober yet. I drink every night but since the fringe started I drink two times more. I’m very happy last 10 days meeting so many people and I felt the new energy among many people in the visual art scene and sound oriented people. It felt more ‘positive’ and people seem trying very hard to be more open to each other. I think that is the spirit of any kind festival. Like wedding people go with good intention and great spirit to hug each other well of course some people will still complain aiya the rice is abit hard the juice are not sweet enought the music is not happening etc etc. it’s just normal for wedding. There is always to bite about it.

Some people saw me hugging Jason lim and they ask have you guys patch up back…that’s funny as if we are long lost gay partner. Anyway yes we talk now.

It is unfortunate I can’t visit as many show as I could because im all loaded that even if I have the time I could not consume information and not to mentioned art work. My bottle is full if you pour it just drip out quickly and so some people find it weird that I sit a lot at foodplus drinking beer with chee wai while the show is going on. We both are just overloaded that we need to sit for beer though it look like we are an alchoholic. For those who know evan tan when he used to work at the Singapore archive, I think almost everyday he will tekan beer and occasionally he will ask me to come as his kaki. Now this landmark had gone because evan finally quit his job. Im certain everybody miss him the beer included.

And I did tell chee wai after he had said that he is tired…wow man I think im tired of telling people that im tired. I got to stop it before it become a habit and slowly nag and complain. Remember anti complain campaign I talk about? So I start from myself.

Well of course if you are tired means you are tired but the thing is when you always bum on people on the substation street ‘how are you’ is the first thing and ‘ahh tiredlah’ is the natural reply but after 10 reply… that too make me tired so i guess i have to find new line. im fine im fine and good. I think the same when you are happy about your work the more you say how happy you are the more you dig a grave for it. You kill it. SO the thing is i learn to keep it inside me.

The fringe Fest is about to finish soon but im already packed with load of goodies to unload. when im told that I can have the pink table and chair I do get a little panic because I don’t usually like pink as a colour. It’s too girly for me. But hei this is from Chumpon and Noi so how could I reject it? Well of course I ask for it and so now I have to deal with it.

Yesterday when I look at it again I begin to like it somehow maybe there is some girly part inside me hahaha. Next I got to challenge myself to wear labour sans frontiers tshirt Noi gave me. She must be wondering why I did not wear it. Gosh it’s pink man and im a punk! I have to wear it someday but unless there is cute girl’s opening I will do it but again im afraid all the young girl will think ‘is there anything wrong with Zai?’ and someone will reply on behalf of me ‘ there nothing right about Zai actually”

Then came Audrey hang out with us abit when we set up the pink table and chair next to the glass door and I suggested maybe once a month onistudio set up our ‘bar’ there. 'Yes can!' she say ‘make it an art project. It should be o.k’ and so Yes we sell beer and tit bit’s and now here is what I think. It will be

No Talking on Monday

There is no dj but we have myself, chee wai and leslie to play our kind of music. We don’t rent sound system but I will bring my house sound system. I try to get two more small set of table but chair I borrow from substation. I hope to get someone to show some drawings on the signboard which oni will terrorize it. We will cover it with big white paper and so there will be no information on Monday night at sub except for oni’s friends drawing’s. it is for sale.

I have not talked with Audrey but I think it should be fine.

Next is mrs chua.

For those who is not familiar with the term ‘no talking on Monday’ it means don’t talk cock too much when you are there. You can just be quiet for the music and beer or juice but you can also talk quietly with your friend. We are not telling you not to talk because in case you fall in love you can always chat. We will give more details about this but for now just look forward for tom waits for nobody, conference of the bird and more as for me its not going to be easy to keep quiet. i talk alot sometime and sometime to much.

the glass have lost its way to my lips. give me the bottle please.

This is a rush report soon long one on the way about the fringe experience with so many people and MONDAY


Anonymous cheewai said...

shall we can do a "no smiling" as well?
whoever smiles, must buy everyone else a drink...

8:04 PM, March 05, 2006  
Anonymous zaikuning said...

wau thats not going to be easy man but maybe we can wear mask? some people may appear smiling all the time but inside them its all broken damage. thats the saddest thing you will ever experience...just maybe

8:25 PM, March 05, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good point.....i shall try not to say 'i'm tired' too often...or are we all tryin to do too much all the time?

10:25 PM, March 05, 2006  
Anonymous zaikuning said...

i think so. sunday is dead. and city monster have to find the new way to do nothing so that they can get closer to themself. probably it's no talking on monday. just be with yourself and do nothing.

7:47 PM, March 09, 2006  

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