Monday, May 29, 2006

Street of Crocodiles

Funny that some people thought that I am arrested for the controversial open letter concerning the garden recently. The management did file a complain against me but so far nothing happened and I understood they also think of suing me. How strange isn’t it? Very interesting indeed. For those who is curious/worry there’s nothing happening yet and I definitely have to boycott from going to the garden unless there’s really something important happening there.

I am still alive but only half alive because my greatest enemy now is the vertigo syndrome which comes once or twice a day and stays for several hours. It has been a struggle to get up and stay focus and try to do things because the effect of vertigo is a head spinning and it’s psychologically torturous which makes me think of suicide all the time. I can only describe it as a negative energy around me and I think my guidance angel is the one who took holiday.

The only thing I can do is watch some vcd/dvd and now seems like nothing much to rent from the shelf. For those who love manga I like Final Fantasy VII based on the playstation of the same name, its much better then many disney’s shit

By now I already cancel several things. My solo exhibition in Bangkok June is cancelled because I don’t really like my drawing’s and I cant put my act together in the studio. I also got to cancel my trip to KL and London for the PSI conferences. I really regret I can’t go to London because I have not been there. sigh

The doctor told me to relax and take it easy and it seem like I am told to take a holiday but without any dollar in my pocket. It’s funny that recently being broke and hook on whiskey for sometime already I wish I can drink my urine back and have the same effect or better.

I have stopped using the hand phone it does felt better and peaceful somehow and I don’t have to deal with the fucking charger. But some people already started complaining that its hard to get me. Maybe soon I will have to get back to civilization starting with handphone.

I also have to stop making too many promises because right now I can’t really function like what I use to. It felt like im having a new body and I don’t really know which button for what function and definitely this new body don’t really like the sun and it seems like I got to make a deal with the devil and live as vampire haha that sound rather fun though the fact is for several week I felt jaded and fucking lazy.

By the way 10 June is a promise of fun because onistudio is collaborating with HOME club and we give you

Dj Kimus
Escapist Theorist
Engineered Beautiful Blood

Oh myself too. The event will be called

Street of Crocodiles

inspired by Brothers Quay fantastic animation ever. Highlight of the event includes a Chinese shaman to do some paper burning and tongue piercing to kick the butt off vertigo that has been screwing my head.


But before that on the 3rd of June I will be playing with koichi shimizu and Tim dwyer at Singapore Art Museum. More details refer to Hadaka C.


Photo: 1.Layla in black with zai 2. Scene from adventchildren 3. CURSE, 1985 (don't ask)


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