Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Sorry it's been quiet for the past almost two weeks. oni has been suffering from hyper-ventilation after the bird conference and trying to get out of bed has been an out-of-breath affair. On the other end of the studio, there is half-deaf vertigo zai trying to find the balance back into his spinning head. It's tough-luck down here, not to mention the persistently never-ending construction, noisy people and cars screeching in the streets.

it's 2am now and only oni's fishes are talking in the tank. it's finally quiet.

anyway we decided not to write too much in here lest we aggravate everybody's current state of depression. No, we know, the salary and lottery and progress package didn't help; you spent it all on alcohol and cigarettes and useless gadgets. The moon is bright but sky is so bleak and... you are depressed again.

But quietly and gently with our tortured ears and noses, we are working to lessen those grey clouds hovering above your head.

We are not actually doing anything, BUT, we are not lazy.
We promise a few surprises coming up for you.

Surprises, are like how nature can cheer us up even in the most boring climate:

Nature speaks beauty but we have to be quiet to hear it.

Talk to you guys again. love, oni.


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