Thursday, June 26, 2008

Work in progress

On the preview and opening of The Bowl of Rice, some visitors have expressed some dissapointment about the scale of the rice drawing - that it is too small. In fact, the opening is only the start of a three-week process during which Zai will keep making drawings which cover the entire chapel gallery floor.

A Bowl of Rice is an organic process which slowly finds its form day by day. Hence, Zai also invited the audience to make an effort to revisit the gallery to see how the drawing has changed and evolved.

Since Sunday (22 June), the work has expanded to cover the whole of the chapel gallery floor.

Click for larger image

On coming Sunday (29 June) 2pm, this drawing will be cleared to ensure that the rice are still edible and delectable for our beneficiaries. One of them, H.O.M.E, an independent organization which provides shelters for enstranged migrant workers, will come to Sculpture Square to help us re-pack and distribute the rice.

In the 2nd week of the exhibition, Zai will be opening new bags of rice and creating a new drawing. The work will also further develop towards collaborating with our beneficiaries to raise public awareness of their activities.

You are welcome to join us on Sunday, or simply walk in the next two days to enjoy the work and the serenity of the chapel.

More photographs on work processes

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