Tuesday, July 08, 2008

2nd Cycle

The second cycle sees a smaller drawing than the first, but a much more intricate design involving curves and the first pack of brown rice contributed by our friend, Tien.

Throughout the week, as visitors came with packs of rice, the rice amount has been raised close to 1000kg. To our surprise one day, Shiyun received a call from secondary three students from Jurong West Secondary School who wanted to be involved with the community. They decided to talk about this exhibition in their school and conduction a donation drive (of rice). The results will be known this Friday (11 July).

The highlight of the week was the performance by 50 women from H.O.M.E on Sunday afternoon (6th July). Bridget called on night before, saying that the women were rehearsing hard for their performance, which involved harvest dances. On Sunday afternoon, everyone was dressed to the occasion and even brought along props for their dances.

The hour-long performance was filled with enthusiasm from the women themselves, despite technical glitches with the sound system. Their performances may seem cliche to some, if one would look closer, some of the women actually had tears of joy in their eyes after the event.

The day was concluded by the usual ritual of rice clearing. This time, they used hands instead of any other tools.

Zai continues the third cycle of the work. The three-week long exhibition will end this Sunday, 13th July.

More pictures of the work-in-progress

Photo Credits: Vivian Lee, Lin Shiyun


Blogger Spade said...

It's kinda sad that I missed this... such a meaningful endeavor...

9:51 PM, July 24, 2008  

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